Friday, October 31, 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We r countin the daze til the stoopid bandij goes away

less den 4 daze now
2 nites ago, Honey wanted me to open the dresser drawer because she likes to climb in over the back of the open drawer into the drawer below and sleep.  I wouldn't open the drawer for her and she was very perturbed.  I knew she would have a hard time getting the bandaged paw over the back of the drawer to get to the drawer below and then she would have trouble again climbing back out.  So, I promised her that she can do all that on Saturday after  the bandage comes off although her foot might be a little sore.  The bandage has her toes pointed down right now, kind of like she has a ballet toe shoe on.  So when the bandage comes off, she will then be walking with the foot in the correct position and it hasn't been in the correct position for almost 2 weeks now.  I always did call her "my little ballerina."

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Monday

Mommie is going to werk today and my auntie Sue, mommie to the grate Trixie Marmalade, will come and check in on me

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Todays mews

I will have 16 radiation treatments starting November 4rd.  These will happen efurry day M-F for 3 weeks and 2 more on the week of Fanksgivin.  Then when these are done I will start having 6 chemo treatments, one efurry 2 weeks.  These can been done togefur but the chemo will make the radiation side effects worser.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Today is a good day

it suks trying to make biskits on my blankie wif dis stoopid bandij.

gittin the last vet sink owt ov my furs

From da Mom:  Damn, spoke too soon again.  The oncologist just called and the largest tumor was malignant, the 2 other were not.  Honey will need to start radiation either next week or the week after.  And now she is talking possibly chemo also because this type of cancer, fibrosarcoma,  has a 15% chance of spreading to other parts of the body.  All of this will be weighed with her quality of life.  The chemo done along side radiation causes the radiation side effects to be more pronounce.  The chemo does not have many side effects in cats as it does for people.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Attention! I haz made a stinky!

I iz da "Poopy Queen"!

Mom here: Ever wonder what your cats do at night while you sleep?  Honey seems to have a schedule of getting up around midnight to visit the ladies room and get a snack.  Of course, right now that means that I have to get up with her because she can't get down off of the bed by herself.  and....she did a poopy.  Then ate some kibble and some stinky goodness and we went back to bed.

This morning things were back to as normal as its been over the last 13 days.  We got up at our regular time and I took her with me.  She ate crunchies and drank water and ate some fancy feast.  Then she went back to bed in her private quarters in the closet  where i check on her hourly and bring her temptations that she is actually eating now.

That's right, we are on the road to recovery.  She can't walk very well with her pegleg, it's very cute and sad to watch her.  She needs some crutches.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Objective: Poop

I am now giving Honey goats milk probiotics and digestive enzymes.  The objective is to get Honey to have a stinky.  She has been eating her gravy and some temptations and she is getting water and watery gravy from me with an eyedropper.  She even came up on the bed and slept with me last night.  She is looking more coherent with the pain and meds regulated.

So efurrywun out there, pray fur Poop!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Honey feels yucky

Honey has barely eaten anything nor has she been drinking.  I called the vet this morning and he told me to discontinue the antibiotic because it is probably upsetting her tummy.  Last week when she had the clavamox the same thing happened with her not eating much.  I didn't give her any pain meds this morning because i was hoping to get a hold of Carla Simmons, i thought maybe that they were making her sick too.

Carla and I spoke around noon today.  I told her what had happened over that last 10 days.  She checked in with honey.  She said Honey says she feels yucky, odd, confused and nauseated.  Carla explained to her what has happened in the operation and why it had to happen.  Honey understood why it all had to happen.  Honey said her foot was throbbing, not majorly but at a lower level and constant.  Honey would like to try half a dose of her medicine rather than the whole dose that makes her sleep.  I asked Carla to tell Honey that I need her to eat and drink.  I have been giving Honey water with an eye dropper.  Carla told her that she needed to eat and drink and that she would start to feel better, that it would be slow.  She said because of honey's age that she is not bouncing back as quickly.  I gave Honey a half dose of the pain meds when we got off of the phone.

I went down to Whole foods and bought some rescue remedy for me and Honey,  I sprayed some on Honey.  I also bought some wellness cat food in a pouch because it looked like a lot of gravy and she likes gravy.  So when I got back,  I put the food in a little bowl and took it to Honey on the bed, sprayed her with some rescue remedy and she licked all of the gravy out of the bowl of food.  So i put some water back into the food and stirred it up and gave her that water with the eye dropper and she took it all.   She seemed to have perked up a bit after all that.  She will get the other half of her pain meds dose in a little bit.  I will be working from home for a few more days till things seems stable.  She was giving me head butts which hasn't happened since last week.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Checking in

This is where she spent  about 6 hours yesterday, on her ham-mick, and then she went into her private quarters in the closet for the night.
This is where she is at now.  I gave her her pain meds and her antibiotic this morning after she ate a little fancy feast and I used an eyedropper to get some water into her, this was all done while she was still in her closet bedroom.  She then climbed into the bed, which is what she would do on a normal morning.

I'm going to try and get a babysitter for a few hours this morning.  I need to get her a different litter tray because she can't get her bandaged paw with her into the litter box by herself, i have to help her in, she can get out by herself, and I want to go to my office and get my laptop so I can work from home on Monday to make sure she can get around OK if I go into work later this week.  I should have just taken my laptop home with me on Friday but I didn't know what to expect, I had thought about it but didn't because I knew she would be determined to be her normal self when she got home and she is determined.

She has a very special litter box that you can see here. potty
The bottom of the doorway is too high to get the bandaged foot into because she can't bend that leg.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

We're home!

with pain medicine and antibiotics.  So I just got her to settle down on the bed with her blanket on her.  Whenever we go to the vet and she is gone from home for more than an hour, when she gets home she has to case the joint.  It's like she has to verify that she is in the right place and that everything is where its supposed to be.  This goes on for about an hour.  I'm sure that she is pretty sore now because having that huge bandage on did not stop her from jumping on the bed and then the sofa, getting down was not as easy, I had to assist.  But I can't stop her, she can't rest until she is convinced that all is OK.  And no eating goes on during this time either.

So now that that is accomplished, she is on the bed and resting easy with me checking on her every 10 minutes or so for now and she just had a few temptations.

Next Saturday she gets her bandage changed and the Saturday after that, the stitches come out, then we take it from there.

They fashioned a pink kitty cat as a decoration on her bandage

Friday, October 17, 2014


The surgeon called me around 1:30pm and Honey was about to go into surgery so we are waiting now for him to call when she is done which should be soon.

This is Honey's surgeon Justin Uhl

So the Oncologist, Dr. Tu just called and told me that the surgeon will call soon.  She told me they found another bump up her leg when they shave her leg.  it was under the skin unlike the other one, so they removed it and sent it to the lab.  The also removed the little tiny bump on her ear that I took her in to have looked at some time ago.  here

She is out of surgery. 

The surgeon finally called.  He said that the main tumor was very encapsulated and he took it off up the the paw pad on that side and her one toe and part of the dew claw.  He was not able to get a good margin on the paw pad side.  They will not cut into the main big paw pad because when they do  the animal will wind up not using the foot, so the paw pad has to stay intact.  She is resting comfortably right now and can possibly come home around noon tomorrow, she is on major pain medication right now.  The pathology report will come back sometime next week.  I am so relieved but really missing my baby right now.

Friday Morning

I just dropped Honey off at the vets and am at work.  I am a mess.  Honey, well I can only imagine.  She barely got to eat last night because she was a bit freaked out when we got home, but she slept on the bed with me for awhile last night and ate a lot of temptations before we went to bed.

They will call me today.  I and they do not know the exact time of her surgery today, so we will wait.

Thank you all for all your purrs and kindness.  I will have to go to bed tonight without my baby as they will be keeping her overnight.

As I keep telling Honey, We will get through this because we have each other and love each other.

Thank you all again,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

We are home now

Honey goes back for surgery in the morning.  Tomorrow Honey will have as much of the tumor removed as possible, and 2 two toes.   We are calling it a 2-toe-ectomy.  There is no cancer showing up anywhere else in her body.  Depending on the pathology test returned from this tumor, she might need to have radiation treatments.  There is a possibility that this sarcoma is not cancerous, but could be a inflammatory issue (these do cause a concentration of spindle cells to form).  This is because this is a very rare occurrence in cats to have a sarcoma that isn't an injection site sarcoma (ISS).  Only 7% for cat to have this kind of sarcoma(non ISS).

So Honey will spend the night in the hospital Friday night and come home sometime on Saturday.  The labs will take 3-7 days to return.  possible radiation would start 2 weeks out from surgery, if necessary.

Honey is not a happy camper.  She went thru a slew of tests today, got part of her belly shaved and now has to return to the vets at oh-dark hundred tomorrow morning.

Honey is at the Vet right now

They are running a bunch of tests.  Where I thought or hoped that this could turn out to be not as huge as I thought, the Dr. said that a tumor on the foot could result from cancer in other major parts of the body, like the lungs or other organs.  The tests,  I believe are part of what they term as "staging" the cancer.  Then they know what they are dealing with so they can decide what is the best treatment.

My poor baby, they told me not to feed her since midnight, I bet she is starving right now.  But I have a bag of treats in my purse for when I go and pick her up in a few hours.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Well...the LOL was short lived

The vet called less than an hour ago and told us that it is a soft tissue sarcoma.  I called the liaison for the Oncologist so she can call me tomorrow to set up an appointment.

Update: We have an appointment at 2pm on Thursday with the Oncologist. make us all smile

Still Waiting........

for the pathology report.  They must have had Columbus day off.  Mommie and Honey still lubbins each ofur.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Good Morning

First we would like to thank efurrywun fur yor purrs and support.  We can't tell yoo how much it means to us.  See dat cute paw wif the 2 orinj toes, dats da foot wif the tumor, see it bulging out on the left.

We had a gud nites sleeps last nite, prolly becuz we are both mentally and physically eggsauted, this has been our world since Thursday night wen mommie furst saw the tumor.

Mommie haz bin reading up on things so that she can no wat qwestshuns to ask wen the time comes and possibly wat approach to take.

I feel guds today and already ate and drank and used the potty like nermal, now dat my tummy is not upset from the icky medicines.

Mommie told me that before we do anything she wants me to talk to Paulina.  So we will do dat when we find out what our options are.

Frum Mommie:  I'm the one that was supposed to get cancer, not my baby.  Cancer runs in my Dad's side of the family.  My dad died from non-hodgkins lymphoma 10 years ago.  Me having cancer would be so much easier for me to deal with and Honey would take care of me.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

P.M. update

The doctor was able to do a needle biopsy and get enough cells to send out for pathology.  She looked at it herself thru the microscope and saw no infection but saw "Spindle Cells".  Spindle Cells = Cancer.  Before we did this she commented that because of where the tumor is they probably could not remove it and get enough clear margins around it which would mean possible amputation of the limb.

Nothing is set in stone at this point.  We will wait for the lab results hopefully on Monday and I have Monday off. I am besides myself........

p.s.  They gave her an antibiotic shot which means no more squirty in the mouth and she started eating again and acting like her normal beautiful selfie.

Still needing purrs

Well we are going to the vet again today and not waiting till Monday.  The size of the tumor has not reduced any and Honey is hardly eating.  I went and got some pain medication late yesterday  but that did not help with her eating.  I just want someone to tell me what this is so we can deal with it.  It is swollen and pushing her dewclaw out.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Purrs needed

So I am home today.  Last night I was sick with an ear and sinus infection.  probably from cleaning out all those damn files at work and breathing dust tho it didn't seems that dusty.  Got a raging ear and sinus headache.  am on antibiotics and Vicodin for the pain and 7:30 pm I notice this growth on Honey's left front foot.  It is red and as large as the main paw pad  and her foot is swollen.  So frantically, off we go to the emergency vet off of Folsom in Rancho.  I can't read the street signs and driving at night is increasingly awful so after missing the street we finally get there at 8pm.  After 2 ex-rays the vet determines that whatever it is it is not attached to any bone, which would indicate possibly cancer and it does not have fluid in it meaning no abscess.  So it is some kind of tumorous growth.  She is on antibiotics and has another vet appt on Monday to see it the size of it has gone down any.  It could be this Plasma cell pododermatitis

So I called in today, we went back to sleep.  I feel a little better, she, the size of the thing has not gone down after 2 doses of medicine yet.  I am besides myself.  I trimmed her nails last weekend and I don't remember seeing anything there.  My poor baby.