Monday, June 29, 2009

fank yoo brad pitt

so yesterday it got to 108 degress outside so mommie decided to stay in and we watched a movie. we watched the curious case of benjamin button. let me tell yoo furrends, if yoo want yer mommie to sit still for a long time, dis is da movie do haf yer mommie watch cuz IT WAS 3 HOURS LONG!!. so mommie sitted still fur 3 HOURS, well ok, she got up to go to the catbox twice. so fur 3 hours, i gotted up on mommie and i napped, den i went to the top of the sofa on my blankie, den i gotted back on mommie and she combed me, den i went an ated some crunchies and gotted a drink of water, den ::poot:: i gotted back on mommie and she furminated me, ok, i letted wun slip out dere. den back to the blankie, i was up i was down, i was combed again, FOR 3 HOURS!!! fank yoo brad pitt!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

dis is the property where liv
dis is where mommie goes to go swimmin and read her book. dis is where you can find mommie on da weekends before noon. today by noon is was 100 degrees so mommie came in and took a catnap wif me after she swimmed and stuff
dese are the waterlillies in the waterways. dere are koi fishes in dere too. i do not git to see the fishies cuz i do not go outside.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Hots are here!

i luf the hots..................

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a little whine

so my mom is gonna do a nother thing on whine...

mom here. i going to tell you about a couple of my favorite wineries on the west coast. all are fairly inexpensive, so here goes.

back in the early 80's i went to seattle with a friend to see another friend and to see the grateful dead play in seattle and portland. during the Portland show, mount st. helens erupted, not the big eruption but one after the big one. when we left the show to drive back to seattle, we didn't know the mountain erupted till we were the only ones on the freeway in our volkswagon and the ash was raining down on us. they closed the freeway behind us we heard so we just kept on driving. the ash was really thick on the road. we made it back to seattle fine, giggling all the way home. our friend mick in seattle , who now is a wine maker himself in Healdsburg, california, took us to Chateau Ste. Michelle. outside of seattle, they have a really good chardonnay.

one of my best friends in sacramento, now retired to yuma AZ, took me to a wine dinner for the vintners Boeger from Placerville, ca. their barbera and cabernet franc are to die for. the dinner was at enotria. the food was fabulous and the wine was fabulous.

so if you see these wines in you area be sure to give them a try.

mommie, are yoo dun whining now ??

Saturday, June 13, 2009

hello my furrends

hello efurrywun. we are sorry dat we haf not been around much. mommie has been werkin too much and has bored. she has been convertin databuses for da skools and when she is not doin dat she has been sleepin. me, i haf jus been trying to furtan when da sun is out, which has been a crap shoot around here and i haf been taken care of mommie which iz my top priority. mommies back and neck haf been bothering her alot too so i mite haf to give her a kitty massage later.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Saturday BBQ and the prisoner

on saturday, mommie went to loomis to haf a BBQ with her friend and father of the grate Trixie Marmalade. dats Trixie dere greetin mommie.
Trixie gits her own lounge chair fur sunbathin.
mommie and trixies daddie grilled scallops and wild salmon. trixie got to eats some salmon. with dinner dey had dis wine called the prisoner. mommie says dis is a must try wine for yoos dat are wine fishy-na-dos. she sed the prisoner is farty and go bust.....wuts dats?....oh, she sed harty and robust ...wut efur..and dat it hadded incredribble has legs??....ha ha...hey, is yor refrigerator running??....den yoo better go catch it....ha ha ha....i crack myself up....