Saturday, February 26, 2011

More stinky fud, the doctor ordered.........

so dis week after i dided a newmie some blood came owt ov my tushie so mommie maded me go to see da v-e-t. da vet sed that i was straining to do a newmie and dat i shood get more water in my diet and dat i kin habs more wet fuds. do yoo hear dat furrends?? MORE WET FUDS!!!! so da mommie wented owt and bot all kinds of wet fuds fur me, me, me

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here'z da Noos

Comin down frum my petdestal to gibs yoo a noos update. it mite sno here dis week. dats rite, sack-o-tomatoes mite git colds enuf to sno by da weekend. we will haf to wate and see. Friday nite arounds midnite, mommie got attacked by her gulb ladder, did not no she had a gulb ladder but it wuz a bad hurtie and she left me in da middle ov da nite to go to the merjensy room. i guess dat iz were yoo go when yoo git attacked by yor gulb ladder. mommie came bak home about a short sleep later(mommie: i was gone 5 hours). i did not like mommie leaving in da middle ov da nite so i had a big happee when she came home and we had a big sleep after dat, sept mommie seemed a widdle goofy in da hed if yoo no wat i mean(mommie: they gave me morphine).
so efurry thing iz kinda nermal rite now. mommie has to git pictures of her gulb ladder next week but the hurtie iz gone fur now. if it comes bak i will scare it away so it will not attack my mommie agin.

Saturday mornin noos update: well we did not gits any snow. it gots cold enuf but den we had no parsnip......purrsip........yoo no, da wet stuff...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hidee Ho

Wut? yoo lef da window open and i wuz cold.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sick Day

Hello? da werkie?? dis iz miz honey sunshine. mommie wont be goin to da werkie today cuz she haz a hertie in her tummy and she feel like she is gonna bomit....she will be ok's tho cuz i will keep her tummy warms and make da hertie go aways...thankyoofurrymuch....