Thursday, May 19, 2011

Efurry thing is new and clean

so this week mommie hired a furrend ov hers who iz owt ov werkie and she came ofur and painted the inside of our condo. i hung owt wif mary fur 4 daze. when Mary moved the furniture she found all ov my lost toys efun my pink ping pong balls. Mary Rocks!!
so den mommie got on dis kick and thot she would redecorate a widdle and went out and botted me a noo cat pedestal. see the top picture iz da ol wun and the bottom pictures iz da noo wun.
me frowing the toyz outta my noo pedestal
me taken a nappy in my noo pedestal. mommie also ordered a noo litter box planter fur me but it iz not here yet.Link
its dis wun:

on day 4 mommie paid mary and she came ofur and cleaned all da windows and steam cleaned the tile in da kitchen and da bafroom and da tile floors. it was kinda scairty, i was hidin under da bed when mommie gotted home today.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

it's cold and rainy here dis mornin