Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Furrends, i yam so embaresked. i cannot hold my nip. mommie dipped my snowflake in some cosmic catnip and gave it to me. i ate da nip. den i bunnykicked and chewed on da snowflake and tossed it around. when i tossed it off of da sofa mommie gotted it fur me and frew it back. i was nipped out. suddenly when mommie was frowing the snowflake, i grabbed mommies forearm and putted da bitey on it. it hurted mommie, i bited her hard. mommie says i yam a mean drunk.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nurse Honey P. Sunshine

member dat gulb ladder dat attacked my mommie a foo weeks ago? well mommie is going to have surgury to remove dat meen old gulb ladder on thursday dis week. mommie tolded me dat she will go in early in da mornin and be home befur it gits dark agin. i will habs to take care ov my mommie win she gits home. i will hafs to snuggle up against her tummy to make it feel better agins and make sure mommie takes lotsa nappies.

pee ess: all dat gushy fuds dat mommies botted me, i really don like any ov it. our kitty visitor, whisper( mommie calls him "the dood") has been getting to eat it, after i don't.

mommie update: mommie gotted home at 11:15 am and wuz in a hole lotta hurtie, she sez the hurtie pills were not helping at all. she hadded the cold freezie thingie on her tummy all day and could barely move wifowt saying "owwie". at five, her furrend linda, mommie of halle and buster, brotted mommie an odwallah protien drinkie and dat helped mommie alot along with more hurtie pills. mommie has not had a nappy yet cuz it hurtied too much. i yam werkin ofurtime to help mommie feel better.

pee ess" daisy, mommie really lubs yor harley owtfit, she hadded to send it to all her furrends to show them how kyoot yoo r.

Monday, March 07, 2011

look wat mommie botted fur me

my furry own noo sleepy mat. it matches my blankie