Friday, September 30, 2011

We hafs big time sads

above is a picture of mommies bestest friend Stephen(daddy of the grate Trixie Marmalade, below). Stephen was found dead yesterday morning, from what looks to have been a massive heart attack. He was 52 years old. We are deeply saddened. mommie has know Stephen since 1982 and Stephen and his family is mommies family. mommie iz devastated. we might be having Trixie come live with us. mommie does not know yet. for as much as mommie does not want Trixie to be further traumatized she does not want me to be traumatized either. She hung out with Trixie yesterday and will be there today also. Trixie has lost her Daddy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Mommie got her hairs done today and den came home and we took nappies. i yam feelin better after i wuz sickie. i lost 5 owncez almost half a pound frum being sick. i would not eat much and mommie wuz furry werried. she wuz gonna call paulina the animal communicator to come over and talk to me but den after 2 days of finishing my icky medicine i snarfed out for dinner. i still do not eat alot cuz a gerl has to watch her figure yoo no.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

more dramatical stuff

i hadded to go to the V-E-T this morning. Mommie saw sumblud in my poops::. I wuz reely scairty. i do not like going to da V-E-T. I screemed all da way dere. dey took an ex ray ov my tummy and gave me sums icky medicine to take. i screemed efun LOUDER all da way home. den me and mommie taked a big nappy cuz mommie has a sickie too, she has an ear infekshun. so we bof feel better now dat we nappied. Oh yeah, and mommie went into my catbox last nite and stole sum of my poops. why does she want to steel my poops?

frum mommie: Honey has some inflammation of the small intestines. hopefully the medicine will take care of it.