Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thank you all for your kind words

It is so lonely and quiet here without my girl.  My sorrow is beyond words.

Her passing was very peaceful and beautiful.  She was so brave.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Honey Sunshine haz left da building

Honey went to the rainbow bridge about 5:20 pm today.  She was wrapped up in 2 of her favorite plush blankets on a sofa in a private office at the Arden Animal Hospital, our regular vet, while I was rubbing her head.  She was my BFFF.  It was very hard but it was the right time.  I am heartbroken.

Honey, I hope you are running and jumping now and eating everything in sight.  I love you.

Please remember my girl as healthy and slightly plump and sassy like she was before all this bad stuff happened.

Honey sez today iz da day to say gudbye

i wunts no more yuckies an no more stabbies, i yam dun..........jus kiss me gudbye

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I don't know what to write anymore.  One day I think everything could be alright and the next day I'm not so sure.

She had her one week recheck.  Her numbers where slightly higher than when she came home, she came home with a  creatinine of 2.9 and it is now 3.2.  She has a kidney infection leading to possible CRF.  The antibiotics make her nauseous and give diarrhea so she does not eat much.  She has another recheck next Monday.  She is still on IV fluids, this morning was a failure but yesterday I did good at it, I will try again later.  They only other antibiotic that would work has a rare side effect of blindness, so we are sticking with the clavamox and some anti-diarrhea.  The kidney issue produces excess stomach acid, she has generic pepcid to take but they are pills and she won't take them so I crush them into her food, which she does not eat much of.

I am so disappointed is the lack of advances in feline veterinary medicine.   When I expressed this to the vet, she said yes, canine medicine is far advanced than feline.  why is that?  Cats live way longer than dogs for the most part.  Makes me want to go into Veterinary medical research, but I'm too old to start that now, if only I had know then what I know now.

This morning I was ready to let her go, but I did some research this morning.  The kidney infection is slow to heal because there is not alot of blood circulation for the kidneys and medicine is hard to get to the kidneys so it takes along time on antibiotic.  Also, she could live quite along time, months to even years, even tho her creatinine level is elevated.   I am lining up a mobile vet just in case for when I will need it so Honey can die at home and not at the crazy vet office.

Does anyone out there have any experience with this?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

i hadded a gud day today

cept mommie keeps pokin me an gitten water all ofur me an squirten yuckie stuff down my froat

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ups and downs

The early morning started out with her eating then throwing up and diarrhea.  Then all the meds and fluid, then naps.  Then an episode of light seizure like thing from hyper tension, followed by more fluids and a call to the doctor.  Seems her reassessment is to be in a week not 2 weeks, the girls messed up, so maybe Tuesday now.  She had some probiotics for the diarehea and is resting.

It's very touch and go, i will let her decide when the time is but I won't be rushing her to the ER or the hospital anymore, too much stress and too much false hope.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Doing a little better today

still fragile but eating and sleeping good, haven't got to IV her yet today cause she keeps going back to sleep in the cave I made for her on the bed.  But boy is she snugly,  climbing into my lap while I'm working and wanting hugs.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

She is home

well.....this is a deep subject.  We came home yesterday around 4pm.  Honey had to case the joint for several hours before settling down.  I was almost thinking that she had been gone so long that she didn't remember that she lived here.

I ran to the grocery store while she was wandering around, i came home 20 minutes later to find the internet modem on the floor in the bedroom.  Seems that she somehow got tangled in the wires that are behind a fake plant and unplugged the modem and pulled it down to the floor from the dresser.  I don't know if it hit her, thank dog that it is made of plastic.  She was hiding in the closet so i grabbed her and cuddled her.  She has never even gone near these wires before.

things are very touch and go... she didn't eat or drink anything last nite.  she came up in the middle of the night and snuggled with me.  I think I've been awake since 2 am.  I work from about 5:30 am till 3 pm, I'm working from home now.

This morning I got her antibiotic into her and the appetite stimulant.  Then later I got her IV fluids into her.  She is eating and drinking.  She is very skinny and wobbly.  I couldn't get the pepcid into her, the doctor still thinks she is having stomach issues too, nothing really defined here.

We have 2 weeks of all these meds then a reassessment as to whether she is gaining weight, if her kidney levels hold stable numbers and if she ever decides to eat without medicine.

She didn't get a lot of rest in the hospital, there were noisy dogs whining everywhere.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Today's Update

creatinine level 2.9 from 3.2 yesterday, can come home tomorrow or day after.  She will be on special diet and IV fluids and appetite stimulants if she doesn't eat properly. 

She wouldn't eat when I was there today at noon but it was very noisy in there.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Update

her number are continuing to come down, 3.2 from 3.8 yesterday.  she ate food off of my finger and also ate food from the dish when i put it in front of her. she still will be in the hospital for at least 2 more days.  Look at how cute my baby is.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Her marker numbers are coming down but she is still not eating.  The doctor says he feels that her kidneys are not hurting like they were.  I visited at noon today and they put us in a room so Honey could wander around.  She seems to be acting like she feels a little better. Her creatinine level was 3.8 today down from 4.9, still needs to be down closer to 2.0

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hospital Visit

I feel better after visiting Honey.  I met the doctor today and he is hopeful that it's a kidney infection, fingers crossed.  They will retest her levels tomorrow to see if there is any progress in her kidney levels.  She would not purr for me but she has some attitude and her tail was flicking cause there was noise in there and a dog was whining.  I can visit her tonight again at 7pm.  That's her blanket I brought from home for her, I slept with it last night so it would smell like me.


sigh.......I am heartbroken.  My baby is in the hospital.  She wasn't there sleeping with me last night or when I woke up in the middle of the night.  I cried, I'm crying now.  I called to check on her around 5:30 am, she wasn't there to wake me this morning.  They say she is doing ok right now.  The doctors do their rounds between 8:30-9:30 am and will call me around 10.  Visiting hours are noon-2 and 7-9 pm.  I want her to have her blanket that has both our smells on it.  She has had no more episodes.  Kidneys malfunctioning can cause high blood pressure hence, seizure/stroke is possible.  They've given her fluids, potassium and antibiotics.

I will have to let he go if that is what she decides she needs to do.  I think the chemo did this.  I wish we would have stopped with just the radiation.  I should have know better.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The other shoe has dropped...

Honey had either a stroke or a seizure around 5pm today.  She is in the hospital.  Seems the kidney's are the culprit.  She will be in there for at least 3 days. either she has a infection in her kidneys or she is in renal failure...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

my heart is breaking

Honey went to the specialty vet yesterday, to an internal medicine guy.  They did an ultra sound and everything looks OK.  They did a blood test for the pancreas and for her b12 levels, this will be back in a few days.  Honey got a b12 shot and a shot of anti nausea.  Other than pending results from  the blood test, everything is OK with Honey, no cancer, no indicators of anything on her blood panel.

While i was back home working , waiting for them to finished the ultrasound on Honey, I had scheduled a call with Carla Simmons.  I explained to her all that had went on since I last spoke to her which was right before Honey's surgery.  She spoke to Honey and explained to her that there was no more cancer and the bad parts were over.  She said it is like Honey has forgotten how to eat well.  Carla did a body scan on Honey next.  She said that she did not feel that there was anything wrong with Honey other than: "her heart is tight, clenched, there is no joy in her heart".  She is "waiting for the other shoe to drop".  "Her digestion is ok, but there is no spark in her digestive tract".

The b12 shot and the anti nausea shot did nothing to help Honey to eat last night.  She was pretty pissed off when she got home from the vet yesterday.  Probably because she knew that there was nothing wrong with her.  I had to work from home today because i had to get some food into her this morning.  I gave her a little appetite stimulant this morning and she has eaten some.  She slept curled up next to me all night last night.

My heart is breaking, I don't know what to do.....

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Pleasantly plump and sassy....not so much

my baby, before the tumor, was pleasantly plump and sassy, not fat, but a good weight, a happy girl.  These days she is super skinny, barfing at least once every 10 days, sometimes food sometimes just bile, and not really her old self.  We have an appointment with an internal medicine doctor next Monday.  I have spoken with my 2 vets and her oncologist.  They don't think there is more cancer.  Honey will barely eat without appetite stimulants and she is super skinny.  I have bought all kinds of foods to tempt her, which Elvira is now eating.  I got some anti nausea medicine compounded to a liquid and she threw that up 5 seconds after she took it..

I feel that she has tummy issues, maybe nauseous but I can't get any meds into her, she won't eat them.  She never was a hearty eater except of temptations.  I also feel that she is psychologically kind of traumatized.  She was eating fine until she started the chemo treatments.

Maybe I'll get a hold of the the animal communicator again. 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Attenshun...mommie haz a sickie

mommie woke up wif a sickie in her froat.  akshully, she was awake all nite hacking and interuppting mai be-u-ti sleeps.  I will haz to catch up on mai sleeps today.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Caturday repurrt

I still growing whiskers back, some ov them are growing in black, an they are all short right now.  
mommie made me anufur kitten cave on da bed dis mornin.  Mommie cleaned all da winders today and all of the glass covered posters while listening to a 2 hours live show of Tom Petty and da hartbreakers, den she did laundry and went to traders joes, right now we are wacthering the new orleans jazz and heritage festival on AXS, we jus watched widespread panic and da WHO iz on at 6pm  pst.  woohoo!!!!  Mommie sez her bak hurties from werkin so hard today.  dats whut happen wen yoo r old.