Saturday, September 26, 2009


so lately i have bin finking of a career change. i was finking ov becoming a spokeskitten, yoo know like on star search or was dat pet star............anyhoo....i was finking dat sinse i yam an iams cat dat i cood become a spokeskitten fur iams fuds. skeezix's fud lady knows the ceo of iams and i fink dat i cood git a paw in da door.

I have been an iams kitty sinse i was a liddle baby kitten. it is all i eat and it is all i will eat. i luf the original vishus lambs and rice proactive health flavor and just to mix fings up a bit i will eat da iams healthy natural chick-hen becuz it has begetables and froots (wif no added fillers, artifishul colors, flavors or preservatives). mommie sez dat it keeps my furs all soft and shiny. mommie has tried to git me to eat ofur fuds but i will not becuz dey are not my iams. oh yeah, and just so mr. ceo knows, we like da 3.5 and 4 pound bags so dat my fuds do not go stale on us e-fur, since i am a selective eater, a gurl has to watch her figure yoo know.

(maybe i cood a least git me a cool iams scarf)


Anonymous said...

We're sure someone at Iams will hear about your testimonial -- after that, who knows?

Anonymous said...

Bein' a spokes-kitten would be a furry imPAWtant job!

Come see us today. We are talkin' 'bout sumpin' furry imPAWtant.

Daisy said...

You would look pretty in one of those fancy kerchiefs!

Chrissie said...

I think you'd be an EXCELLENT spokes-kitty, Honey P. You're a walking inducement to vishus lambs!

Tommy and Teaghan said...

We likes dat yoo like da lamb an chick-hen but we would likes it better if yoo were eatin' wet food not dry food. Dry food just not good for kittehs. Just owr opinion. Dis must be da day for food stories. Take a look at dis webbie site -- cat info dot org and let us know what yoo finks. It make mom start feeding us raw chicken an we eats it efurry day an we gets instinct in a can too in lamb an vishus deer flavors.