Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dreary Saturday

yup, dats me in the P.T.U. mommie told me earlier dis week dat i had to go see the V-E-T on caterday. see, i had really stinky breaths and dat is sometimes a sign of my callici virus. i cried when i had to go into the P.T.U. but mommie said it would be ok and dat no one would hurt me.

Doctor Fisk examined me all over and stole some of my bluds. i understand that the bluds of a Honey Sunshine is furry rare and precious so i ams not mad at the doctor fur stealing my bluds. the doctor also said that i was a purrfect kitty and my mouth and teef looked purrfect, dey shud cuz i've had dentals afore and dey stole teefs both times. i guess the teefs of a Honey Sunshine are also rare and precious finds. mommie smelled my breaths while i was on the examine table and my breaths did not stink, ha ha, fooled you mommie.

Doctor Fisk said that i was the best cat and she wished all her kitty patience were just like me.

{{{HUGS}}} to all my kitty blogger friends, i luf yoo all. Rest in peace beyootiful Bonnie Underfoot.


Louche Tabby said...

.....I'm having an issue with Mousie's breath.....she has morning breath 24 hours a day!....I think it's the chicken ant the fishy treats I give I solved the problem....I move my face away from her mouth!!......

Christine and FAZ said...

He stole your bluds! Is he a vampire vet?

Parker said...

Oh Honey, I am sorry you had to go to the VET!
I'm glad you are OK though!
Please accept this hug from me to you!

Daisy said...

I am sorry you had to get tortured at the vets, but I am happy that everything is good! My Mommie has started brushing my teeths, if you can believe that. Every day she does it. I do not enjoy it very much. Except the special cat toothpaste is a little bit tasty.

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Momma says I could knock a horsie over with my stinky breaths. I've been going to the V-E-T way too much lately in my scairty PTU too. I'm very glad you were such a good girl. Your V-E-T is furry purrty!


Chrissie said...

I did not know that Honey Sunshine blood and teeth were very rare..I also did not know that Honey Sunshine breath was to be smelled're very rare and unusual, Miss Honey Sunshine!

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Yeah -- Pumpy has bad breath and when the woman took us to the vet, the doctor said..."nope... he looks pretty good!!" and she sent him home with stinky breath. And so he yawns and ... whew!!!


RIP Bonnie.