Saturday, May 02, 2015

Caturday repurrt

I still growing whiskers back, some ov them are growing in black, an they are all short right now.  
mommie made me anufur kitten cave on da bed dis mornin.  Mommie cleaned all da winders today and all of the glass covered posters while listening to a 2 hours live show of Tom Petty and da hartbreakers, den she did laundry and went to traders joes, right now we are wacthering the new orleans jazz and heritage festival on AXS, we jus watched widespread panic and da WHO iz on at 6pm  pst.  woohoo!!!!  Mommie sez her bak hurties from werkin so hard today.  dats whut happen wen yoo r old.


Summer at said...

It sounds like your human is earning a well-earned evening's relaxation, Honey!

Flynn said...

Sounds like your Mommie has been working very hard so it is nice you can relax together now. I am glad your whiskers are growing back. Mine are too. The thyroid meds which made me so ill made me very itchy too and I rubbed all my whiskers off on one side of my face, but now I am feeling lots better, I am letting them grow again.