Saturday, January 17, 2015


Mom here: so after Honey's blood test yesterday, the vet called and honey has lost .3 of a pound since last week because she hasn't been eating like she should.  She didn't bounce back very well from the last chemo.  She also has a slight infection internally but not enough for the doctor to put her on antibiotics but they did want her on a appetite stimulant which when i gave her last night she started eating everything in site.  it was almost like giving her steroids because she started meowing whenever i touched her.  I don't think she slept very well last night but she did eat a whole can of fancy feast when her usual is less than half a can.  and she ate another third of a can this morning.  I think she was up eating all night, so she slept all morning while i was out walking and then running errands.


Summer at said...

Wow, that appetite stimulant certainly worked!

Flynn said...

Glad that appetite pill got her eating again.