Sunday, October 12, 2014

Good Morning

First we would like to thank efurrywun fur yor purrs and support.  We can't tell yoo how much it means to us.  See dat cute paw wif the 2 orinj toes, dats da foot wif the tumor, see it bulging out on the left.

We had a gud nites sleeps last nite, prolly becuz we are both mentally and physically eggsauted, this has been our world since Thursday night wen mommie furst saw the tumor.

Mommie haz bin reading up on things so that she can no wat qwestshuns to ask wen the time comes and possibly wat approach to take.

I feel guds today and already ate and drank and used the potty like nermal, now dat my tummy is not upset from the icky medicines.

Mommie told me that before we do anything she wants me to talk to Paulina.  So we will do dat when we find out what our options are.

Frum Mommie:  I'm the one that was supposed to get cancer, not my baby.  Cancer runs in my Dad's side of the family.  My dad died from non-hodgkins lymphoma 10 years ago.  Me having cancer would be so much easier for me to deal with and Honey would take care of me.


Derby, Ducky said...

Came over from the TCC, sending purrs to all for healing and comfort.

Summer at said...

I am sending lots of purrs your way, Honey, and purring lots for your human too - I am sure she is way more stressed out than you are. We kitties take things so much more in stride.

Jans Funny Farm said...

We're sorry you're going through this. We're hoping for the best!

Laila and Minchie said...

Still got the purrs all the time for you, sweet Honey. Just hope you are not in any pain. Can imagine how stressed your momma is.

A few Good Cats said...

It is such a helpless feeling to see a loved one in that condition. Sending comforting vibes and purrayers to you both.

Marty the Manx said...

Coming over from the TCC and bringing you the POTP.
Marty and Mom