Friday, May 11, 2007

We had a bad nite last nite

We had a bad nite last nite...
Honey's mom here...
i put a small paper gift bag down by the catbox to clean the catbox out. it has little handles sticking up. while i was in the kitchen, honey checks out the bag and gets the handle around her neck and then figures that its attacking her and takes off running, with the handle around her neck, so now the monster bag is trailing around right next to her at top speed making all kinds of noise now cause air is filling into it and its right next to her ears. she's doing laps around the condo at breakneck speed so i block her in the kitchen doorway and grabbed her which scared the hell out of her and she either scratched me of bit me, it happened so fast i'm not sure but i have 4 puncture wounds on my forearm closer to my elbow and she went flying with the bag still on her and laid there and hissed at me. finally got the handle off of her neck. my heart was pounding, her heart was pounding. she hid behind the plant. i got her and 20 minutes later she was still scared. my arm has bruises where the puncture wounds are. The monster bag run happened once before over a year ago, same scenario but with a plastic garbage bag. you think she would learn to keep her head out of the handle or i woulda learned to not leave the bag on the floor waiting. last time she hid under the bed and i had to drag her out to see if she was ok, oh yeah, and when i grabbed her this time as she ran thru the kitchen, i scared the piddle out of her.
so i satisfied myself that she wasn't in any dire need of medical attention and took a shower and scrubbed my wounds real good and alcoholed and hydrogen peroxided them and i'm bandaged with neosporin. i got some nice bruises but the initial swelling went down. i don't think she injured me the first time this happened. she is still kind of slinking around not ever sure of here surrounding here. but she has calmed down some. thank god she's not hiding this time. i think she will be sore tonite and tomorrow, she banged into a few walls too cause she was going so fast and i have some ceramic tile floors. if she is limping tomorrow, off to the vet we go for x-rays.
This morning she seems ok and last nite she woke me up to snuggle several times and she danced in my hair a couple of times then she found her q-tips on the bench at the end of the bed and began tossing them around so i think she' s ok.


Cyclone Cats said...

ooo, we are glad everybody is ok! Bags are scary sometimes!

Daisy said...

I am very sorry Honey had such a horrible scare.

My Mommie told me about when this exact same thing happened to one of her cats-that-came-before named Cricket. It was very scary and terrible, and he had the racing heart and sweating paws. He calmed down after about an hour or so.

I think Honey will forget about the incident in time. Be very careful of your ouchies though.

The Furry Kids said...

Oh, poor Honey. That sounds very scary. I hope you're both doing better today.


Derby said...

Honey and mum, you were both scared. My mum is careful with any bags with a handles, but she is careful if I get near a bag that she doesn't scare me into running away.

Suzanne said...

oh, i'm glad you're ok! please take good care of your ouchies.

little smooches on each owie.


Marie the Defender said...

oh dear, this is so very scarey indeed! I am glad that you are better Honey and Honey's mommy. We are gonna purr for your total wellness and all gettin' back to normal!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I've had this problem myself many times. For some reason its just too tempting to put my head through the handles. I'm sorry Honey got so scared! I just pretend nothing is happening and sit there like I did it on purpose. I hope your arm heals quickly!