Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ---my nicknames
1. Ballerina girl, cause i have a long lithe girlie body
2. Honey bunny butt, cause i have bunny feet
3. Lola joanie...i have not a clue
4. Cozy rosie, this one is a winter name for when i'm all curled up in my blankies
5. Chilly willy, cause my nose feels like an ice cube in the winter mornings
6. Pussycat doll. cause when i walk i slink and saunter real sexy like with my hips.
7. Tiger girl, cause i zoom zoom around the house like a tiger.
8. Sleeping beauty, cause i am so beyootiful when i'm curled up sleeping
9. puppy, just because she calls me puppy
10. angel, cause i'm such a good girl
11. bubbie, cause sometimes mom thinks we're jewish
12. poopy, when i make sand castles outside the little box

13. sugar, just because i'm so sweet


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

He's Chilly Willy the Penguin, he'll shake until he's blue....The Tall Man sings that song to us sometimes! You have some very nice nick names and most of them sound nice. Most of mine are bad.


Daisy said...

Those are some very wonderful nicknames! My Mommie doesn't call me Chilly Willy, but sometimes she calls me Silly-Billy-goat!

That's a pretty picture of you, Honey.

The Crew said...

Puppy!? If you're OK with that, I guess it's alright, but don't let it go any further or you'll end up being called DAWG. Now that would be truly insulting!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

All gerl kitties shood know how to di da slinky sexy saunter! It's classic.

Monica said...

Your nicknames are very funny. I don't really have many nicknames. The people mostly just call me Monica or Mon.

Tara said...

Those are furry cute nicknames! I really like pussycat doll. I'll have to come up with some appropriate nick names for my little brother.


Jeter and Mickey said...

i'll jus call u "honey p."
luv--yer grate frend--jh

Suzanne said...

those are good nicknames for a sweet and pretty girl!


Daisy said...

ps: My Mommie and my Grandma get my clothes from lots of places like: Wal-Mart (the fashion capital!), Target, Icing, and e-bay. I can also fit into Build-a-Bear clothes, and they have some very cute outfits that do not cost very much money.

Bogdan, the editor said...

Pussycat doll? SAUNTERING?


*passes out*

Lux said...

Poopy! I wouldn't answer to that one!

Catzee said...

Aw, I luv yur thursday 13!

Marie the Defender said...

Wow you got lots and lots of neat nicknames!