Sunday, December 07, 2014

Easy like Sunday....under the bed edition

so after not having to go to the vet after 10 days, Honey has taken to going under the bed in the morning after she's had he treats and breakfast and water.  She has done this for the last 4 days and counting.  Too much meds?  not enough meds?  we have tried both.  I tried taking her out and putting her into her private quarters but she gets up and goes under the bed again.  I even washed the blanket in her bed.  She NEVER hides under the bad in all the years that she has lived here.

She is only under the very edge of the bed so i can grab her if I need to.  when i visit her there she is full of purrs and wants pets and her head scritched.  She comes out from under there around 2pm or so and everything is normal after that.

I know she is very frustrated with the cone because she can not wash herself so i have given her a rub down with a wet wash cloth a few times.  she does not like her bum being wash tho and she will tell me with no uncertain terms.  What to do?  I wish she could tell me.


Summer at said...

I'm sending purrs to Honey. She's probably just not feeling like herself right now. Plus that cone. And yeah, I would not like my bum washed either by anyone but myself!

Nerissa said...

Sometimes a small, enclosed spot like under a bed seems safe and warm and comfy. Bet she'd like you to go under the bed with her. I know that's what I'd like if I were under there. Don't think either of my peeps would do it though. MOUSES!


Marg said...

Oh Honey, we didnt' know you had to have Chemo. Our Mom had to have all that and so we know how you are feeling. It is not fun. We sure send you lots and lots of purrs and prayers. We hope it goes well for you. Don't blame you for hiding under the bed.