Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easy Like Sun-day

no sun here today, it rained all nite an iz furry wet outside. we are soorree we iz not posting alot but mommie and i bisit efurrywun efurry morning while she drinks her coffee. mommie haz bin werkin way too much and now she haz got a sickie goin on. it is furry hard sleepin on top of mommie win she iz hackin and honkin.


Nerissa said...

I hope you mom feels better soon and that you can get proper sleeps on top of her like you're used to.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Thank you so much for stopping by to offer condolences for our beloved Scooby. We are missing him very much, and all the words of comfort we've recieved are very special indeed. Also...nice to meet you!

Karen Jo said...

I hope your Mom feels better soon. I know all about how hard it is to sleep next to a Mom who is hacking and horking. It must be worse when you are actually on top of them.