Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Honest Scrap

i got tagged by Derby. i haf to tell 10 honest fings about me.

Here goes:
1. I have more mousie toys than i can count
2. I haf a shoe fetish, i luf the smell of dem shoes.
3. sumtimes i turn into a tiger and put the bitey on mommie den she won't play wif me anymore.
4. I luf werkin on my furtan.
5. i luf to glom onto mommie when efur she sits on da sofa and fall asleep on top of her..
6. I luf Temptashuns, i cood eat them all day long if mommie let me!
7. I can ushully get more temptations by givin mommie "the look"
8. I luf to be combed or furminated
9. There are times I like to be left alone and not be a snuggle kittie
10. I love hot weather.


Anonymous said...

Well, Honey, you are an honest cat. It's true that no matter how much of a lap kitty one is, sometimes a cat doesn't want to be with people and must go off by herself for awhile.

Any cat who can get Temptations at will has her human well trained!

Pablo said...

I turn into a tiger a LOT. It's the stripes, I can't help it.

Derby said...

Nice list, I learned a lot about you!

Boy n Beethoven said...

And I loves knowing so many things about you Honey!


Parker said...

It's good to be a lap kitty and love Temptations!

The Creek Cats said...

Having more mousies than you can count is such a good thing!

Daisy said...

Honey, I turn tiger sometimes, too. I just cannot resist giving the bitey sometimes.