Friday, August 31, 2007

Wooden Cat Friday-mommie was too tired on Wednesday

Here are some of my wooden cats. the green one is from baja and the little one is from mexico and the black one is from mommie's daddy. the dust is from mommie being too tired, oops sorry mommie.
and these are some of my glass and ceramic cats, cept the gold one is made of metal. the fambly of black cats are from turkey, not from a turkey but from the country of Turkey. Mommie didn't go to turkey but some one bought them there and brought them back and gave them to mommie. once agin the dust is from mommie being too tired. sorry agin mommie, i know you have been werkin alot.


Daisy said...

Honey, you have a great cat collection! I like the funny green one best.

Caesar and Princess said...

We like these wooden kitties. I bet she takes extra care of them... keeps them out of whapping distance.

Miss Sara said...

A little dust never hurt anyone.

Cool cat collection. It's cool most of them are immigrants.